During the 1980s and again in the 1990’s, Yacouba Seydou left his native Niger to attend school in Texas. While working in Kansas he became a follower of Jesus Christ. Later, when attending Oral Roberts University, he met and married Renate Thellman a German nurse committed to Christian work. In Tulsa they attended a local church and gained the support of members who wanted to reach out to those in need in Africa.

Together they formed “Hosanna Institute of the Sahel” with church congregations committing to provide monetary, physical, technical and prayer support for the Seydous’ efforts in Niger.

Yacouba’s passion for church planting and the training of disciples is lived out daily. The ministry has a focused goal of building and instructing churches to share their life with each other and to encourage others to turn their life over to Jesus.

Since this partnership, HIS – USA has provided two water well drilling rigs and been instrumental in training Nigeriens how to assist in the drilling process, and install and maintain hand pumps. We send work teams to Niger periodically throughout the the year to continue our drilling work.

The partnership between HIS – Niger, HIS – USA, HIS – Germany, Operation Blessing, CBN, Humedica, and others continues to break ground in more ways than searching for water. HIS participates in medical missions. The teams have treated more than 8,000 people to date. Additional team members have provided instruction to local villagers in agriculture and good hygiene. In 2009 the German nonprofit Humedica and HIS opened a clinic/hospital in Kollo, Niger that provides a 24-hour maternity ward and care for children.

In August 2009 an orphanage was opened for abandoned children. Children are encouraged through education to become responsible citizens of Niger.

In 2011, we began a new avenue of ministry for the team in Niger through radio and TV broadcasting. Various programs are broadcast with the purpose of educating and encouraging the people of Niger.

Hosanna Institute of the Sahel, USA, believes every dollar we receive comes from the Lord. We endeavor to use donated funds carefully and responsibly to further the mission of Hosanna, Niger. You can download the latest IRS Form 990 using the download link on this page.