Hosanna Institute of the Sahel USA

Working Alongside the People of the Republic of Niger
Hosanna Institute of the Sahel USA (HIS-USA) was founded in 2000 out of the vision of a Nigerien pastor and a group of local churches in Enid, OK. The vision was to create an organization focused on working alongside the people of the Republic of Niger.
Our work is characterized by a Christian, inter-denominational approach to addressing needs and developing leaders across Nigerien society. Today that vision is carried out by a Niger-based NGO called Hosanna Institut du Sahel along with strategic partners in Germany and the USA. If you would like to learn more about how you can be an active partner along with HIS-USA please contact us.

The Republic of Niger

The Republic of Niger located in West Africa is a landlocked nation comprised of approximately 2/3 Sahara desert and 1/3 Sahel ecosystems. Niger on average is one of the hottest, driest places on earth with an average annual temperature range of 88° F to 106° F and average rainfall total of .79″.

Together with her team Natacha (on the left) cares for the patients in the mother-infant clinic in Kollo. Photo: Sebastian Zaush


Obstetric care by midwives contributes to significantly reduce the mortality rate of both mothers and infants as shown by statistics tracked at the Kollo, Niger mother-infant hospital. Together with Hosanna Institut du Sahel, Humedica employs six midwives in addition to physicians and nurses. Natacha, pictured below, is head of the team. Here, trust is a major issue.

“We encourage women to give birth in our delivery rooms. Ninety percent of maternal and eighty percent of newborn fatalities take place during the course of home births in the villages,” explains Natacha. “We would like to change this situation.”

The treatment in the hospital is free for women and children. After the birth the new mothers receive basic supplies for their babies. Besides weekly vaccination consultations, daily information talks on various topics from the field of hygiene and heath care are offered. “The majority of our patients are illiterate, so we pass on our knowledge orally and practically”, continues Natacha.

The well-being of women and children is the top priority of the clinic at Kollo. More and more people from the region make use of this facility, sometimes even traveling long distances.

Hosanna Sahel USA (HIS-USA) exists to support, encourage and be an active partner with Hosanna Institut du Sahel. We partner financially, materially and through prayer. We are an inter-denominational, evangelical Christian organization that is officially recognized as a 501(c)3. HIS-USA is managed by an active Board of Trustees and administratively is based in Enid, OK.