Hosanna Project Donations


Goats bring multiple benefits at a low cost to families in need across Niger. For pregnant and nursing mothers the goats provide life-sustaining milk that nourish their babies. For the same families the goats also provide a means of income as the animal may be used for breeding. When the Hosanna team distributes goats to needy families it’s not a matter of dropping an animal off and wishing everyone the best. The team educates the family on how to best care for the animal so that it may live a long, healthy life. You can provide a goat to a needy family for $XX USD

Water Well

The majority of illnesses and premature deaths in Niger are attributed to a lack of clean water. In a country as arid as Niger the need for clean water is compounded. Through water well sponsorship you can help bring this vital resource. Hosanna water wells typically serve anywhere between 2,500 to 3,500 people. Furthermore the Hosanna team not only drills and develops new wells they continue to repair and maintain the wells. When you sponsor a water well through Hosanna not only are you providing a needed commodity, you are helping sustain that commitment for the long haul. You can sponsor a water well through Hosanna for $3500 USD.


Food insecurity plagues Niger chronically. High fertility rates coupled with a harsh environment in a land-locked nation with regular drought cycles makes for a continual cycle of hunger. Immediate food shortages are mitigated through targeted grain and meal distributions. Often a specific area or region of the country receives little to no rain and suffers a shortened growing season leaving families with inadequate food supplies. You can help supply a bag of grain that can help an average family for 2 months for $XX USD.